Have you been the victim of identity theft?

Identity theft is an ever growing problem in the digital age and one of the ways your information is being used is to file fraudulent tax returns. The IRS and many states (New York included) have taken steps to combat these fraudulent returns, but many fake tax returns are still being filed. Make sure that you remain skeptical of anyone requesting personal information and know that the IRS and New York State will never solicit you via telephone or email. Written correspondence continues to be the safest way to protect your information.

The IRS and New York State have provided a few websites to help you report scamming as well as some good tips to avoid identity theft, and the first steps to take if you are a victim.

IRS: Report Scam

New York: Report Scam

IRS: Identity Theft Guide

If you believe you've been a victim of identity theft or have received notification from the IRS or New York State, call (585) 328-4990 or email Conlon & Company right away so that we can start helping you on the road to recovery.

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