Your business is your passion and your number one priority. However, as a smart business person you know that you can’t overlook the financial aspect of your practice. You realize that keeping the financial details in order is critical to keeping your practice running smoothly; that’s where we come in. Our passion is accounting and our number one priority is our clients.


Consider the following about your practice:

  • Are your key administrative personnel bogged down with bookkeeping activities?
  • Would it be cost-effective to outsource some or all of your bookkeeper or controller functions?
  • Are you informed of the financial position of the business on a monthly basis?

Conlon and Company can handle all of your bookkeeping needs on a schedule that’s tailored to your business’s needs. Whether that means weekly, monthly, or quarterly appointments at your office or remotely through QuickBooks Online, we can help you get back to focusing on your main priorities.

Some of our bookkeeping services include reconciling your checking, savings, and line of credit accounts with bank statements to verify account balances and to identify any errors, as well as recording all cash receipts, disbursements, depreciation, and reconciling and recording your payroll records. We can also provide you with profit and loss statements from your accounting software to help you stay more informed on your business’s total overall health.

Our dedicated staff wants to be more than just your accountant. We want to be a part of your confidential team that your company can rely on for tax and financial advice.

Contact Conlon & Company today at (585) 328-4990 to discuss how our expertise can make a difference for you.

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